Our Plant & Instalations

This plant is continuously growing, and counts with a work team and machinery to develop products of excellent quality. In the beginning it was built for the production and processing of fresh fruit by the year 1991, but nowadays it is focused on IQF fruits, coming mostly from own fields.

From the start we have been an integrated company, starting with the plant nursery till the processing of the final product. Always ahead in issues like technology and use of machinery, for example, having diverse equipment like laser sorter, color sorter, soft softer, sizing equipment and others that assure the elaboration of products with quality and safety.

Another advantage is the great adaptability in our processes. We can fulfill a wide range of requirements, using versatile lines and process rooms, great variety of fruits species (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, kiwi, apple, peach, cherry, and others) and formats (IQF, cubes/dices, slices, etc.).

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