Who We Are?

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We are one of the biggest companies dedicated to frozen fruits processing and exporting in the region. We are famous around the world in the food services area. We offer to our customers the best berries that come from Linares valley, a privileged area in Chile.

Our main strength is giving an integral service, as we are the owners of all sections the parts of the business. We manage every process, from the plant’s birth, to the final product’s sales and exporting, including it´s production and processing.

Since 1990, we have had an important growth; we have reached the most important markets including a big part of America, Europe and Australia. That is the reason why we always certify the highest quality standards for our products, aiming to maintain an excellent relationship with our clients.

Frucol was born thanks to our family’s legacy: they have been fruits producers for over 90 years. They transmited us the capacity to innovate constantly to obtain the best results, as a consequence, in our company you will always be attended by the owners.

We have more than 700 hectares planted which cover from Curico to Linares. Our plantations are: blueberries, boysenberries, cherries, plums, peaches, raspberries, kiwis, apples and cultivated blackberries. Our plantations are supervised by a staff of agronomists, who are in charge of verifying the on-site conditions and development.

Since 2014, all our fields are under organic production. Our continuous interest to provide first class products and ensure their excellence to our customers, we have incorporated our orchards in production plants, obtaining traceability within the possible ranges offered by nature. Our staff is more and more conscious about the important of proper agricultural practices, understanding the reasons of the demands made by our customers.


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